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GGBet Online Sports Betting

GGBet is a unique online betting service, which unites under its roof traditional sports bets. The bookmaker came to the market in 2016, and since that time, it has been growing popular among bettors, gradually growing into one of the world’s leading sports betting platforms. The provider has an excellent reputation among the users and it makes everything for fitting the title of the best one. People who have no experience in online betting may hesitate as to whether it’s worth trying. Trying to help them make a decision, we’ve compiled a list of benefits one can get from betting on the Internet:

  • Round-the-clock access to bookmaker;
  • Hundreds of sports events daily;
  • Almost endless betting line options;
  • Decent odds;
  • Vast selection of sports disciplines;
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • Possibility of betting on mobile devices;
  • Opportunity of putting stakes in the Live mode;
  • Accessibility of customer support service 24/7.

Whether you’ll continue betting online or not, this idea is definitely worth giving a try.

Over 30 Popular Disciplines Available at GGBet Sport

Whether you are a fan of football, tennis, or badminton, you will surely find your discipline of interest on the GGBet website. The bookmaker offers over 30 sports disciplines for betting. Along with soccer, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and volleyball, there is also a range of other disciplines, which cannot boast such a huge army of fans. So if you happen to be interested in handball, beach volley, chess, darts, futsal, or MMA, GGBet knows how to help you make money on your hobby. Striving not to repeat the mistakes of the old-fashioned betting platforms, GG Bet offers a broad betting line to provide maximum options to its users. Depending on the discipline, the league, and the level of the match, the bookmaker may offer up to 500 markets for you to bet on. To get a better understanding of what GGBet bookmaker can offer in different disciplines, let’s have a closer look at some of the most popular.

Soccer Betting

Probably the most popular discipline for betting is soccer (or football). Millions of people around the globe follow the events in this kind of sport, and hundreds of thousands have grown from regular soccer fans to bettors who earn money by putting bets on their favorite teams. The GGBet sports betting platform offers you access to hundreds of soccer matches and thousands of possible outcomes daily. You can make bets on the teams playing in the Africa Cup of Nations, Asian Cup, UEFA Nations League, EURO 2023, UEFA Super Cup, World Cup, as well as 29 national championships. On GGBet, it’s soccer that can boast of the broadest line. You can bet on the winner of the match, match total, individual totals, game handicap, combined outcomes, and more than 440 other markets.

Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the disciplines that can boast quality analytics for bettors to use. This is one of the reasons bettors love this discipline. The bookmaker’s website accepts bets in several tennis tournaments, including:

  • ATP;
  • WTA;
  • ATP. Challenger Series;
  • ITF. Women;
  • ITF. Men, and others.

Every day you can make prognoses on dozens of matches. The lines for tennis betting are somehow limited compared to soccer, but bettors still have the chance to bet on up to 165 markets. The size of the line strongly depends on the level of the championship and the quality of the tennis players.

Baseball Betting

GG Bet betting website is one of the few that offer baseball betting. While this discipline is popular only in some parts of the world, the number of baseball matches available for betting is limited. The bookmaker offers to bet in Cuban, South Korean, Taiwan, and US baseball leagues. Overall, bettors can put stakes on about 20 matches daily. The average baseball line includes only 4 to 5 markets.

Hockey Betting

As the hockey season has finished in the European countries, bettors won’t find any European continent hockey matches on GGBet Sports now. Currently, bookmaker accepts bets on ice hockey matches held in Canada and the United States. So, if you are a fan of AHL, NHL, OHL, or WHL leagues, it’s high time for you to make a bet. The number of hockey matches available for betting depends on the stage of the championship. Traditionally, there are more matches at the beginning of the season. Anyway, on the website, you can always find some games to bet on daily.

Basketball Betting

If you are a fan of betting on basketball, GGBet is a little paradise for you. The bookmaker offers to make money on matches in thirteen national basketball leagues, including Spanish, German, French, and Brazilian. The NBA matches are also available. Every day you can place your bets on more than 20 basketball games. The lines for basketball are a bit limited, yet they allow betting on the winner, game and quarters handicaps, game total, individual totals, etc.

Types of Sports Betting at GGBet Bookmaker

The bookmaker accepts three types of bets on sports events.


This is the basic and simplest type of bet where you choose a single outcome in a single event. If your prediction comes true, you receive the winnings. But if your bet doesn’t win, you lose money. To figure out your potential winnings, you should multiply the sum of your bet and the odd. For example, if you bet $2 on the outcome with the odd of 1.85, then the amount you may possibly win is $3.7, where $1.7 is your net income.

Express or Combo Bets

Whenever you bet on more than one outcome, your bet automatically transforms into express. The positive point about express is that the total odds of your bet equals the product of all the betting odds that are included in your slip. This means you can win a significantly bigger sum of money in case of a win. On the other hand, if you lose in at least one event, the entire express will be lost.


Several expresses can be joined into a system. The necessary condition for betting this kind of bet is your making predictions on three or more events. System bets are usually placed by experienced bettors who understand the details of calculating them. To understand what the maximum sum of your winnings can be, you should add the winnings of all the combo bets combined in the system. However, you can get it only if you guess all the outcomes in the system. If one of the expresses is lost, you can still receive the returns from other combo bets included in the betting slip.

GGBet Sport Betting Odds

The size of the sports betting odds is one of the criteria that matters much for gamers. Why? The amount of your potential income directly depends on the size of the odds. They depend on the bookmaker’s margin, the team’s/ sportsman’s potential to win, and a range of other factors. Compared to other online sports betting services, the odds on GG Bet are high enough to win big. For example, a betting website gives the odds of 1.5 for the win of Germany in a soccer match with the Italian team. The odds for the same outcome on GGBet are 1.74. Let’s calculate how much you win if you bet $5 on both websites. In the first case, it is $7.5, while on GGBet you receive $8.75. So, the net winnings will be $2.5 and $3.75, respectively. Quite noticeable, don’t you think so?

How to Understand Betting Odds?

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are widely used in sports betting online as they are the easiest to understand. See it for yourself: 1.9 is higher odds than 1.78. Anyone understands this. Also, they provide more options for increases, as they can grow by a hundredth. Finally, using decimal odds, it’s easy to determine your potential winnings. They show the amount you can win per every dollar of your bet. Just multiply the odds and the bet sum.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are also called British or traditional odds. They represent the ratio between the sum of the stake and the potential profit and are written with a slash: 4/1. The example we’ve given can be interpreted like this: you win $4 against every $1 you wager while receiving your bet amount back. In case you bet $10 and win, your payout will be $50 ($40 – profit and $10 – your bet).

American Odds

This type of betting odds is mainly used in the United States, so their name speaks for itself. They can come with a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign. The positive odds show the potential profit for a $100 bet. The negative odds show the amount you need to wager to win $100. For example, +408 betting odds mean you can raise $408 if you bet $100.

GG Bet Live Betting Features

Along with the traditional betting for upcoming events, you can also place bets on the matches and games that have already started. On GG Bet, they are marked with a Live sign. Bettors love to make money in Live bets as they can significantly boost their chances to win. Although live broadcasts of the matches are not available on the bookmaker’s website, bettors can keep track of the games due to the 3D visualization and detailed statistics on everything happening throughout the event.

Great Bonus Offers for Online Sports Bets

The GGBet betting site offers a variety of bonuses, and they are renewed and added regularly. Here are some of them:

  • Personal bonus on your first deposit. You can get 300% bonus funds if you top up your account for a sum ranging from $5 to $90. The bonus is provided to newly registered bettors with a verified email address who make their first deposit with GG Bet. To withdraw the funds, wager them 26 times the bonus amount within 14 days. The qualifying bets must be ordinary, made on the outcomes with the odds of 1.75 or more.
  • Awesome Bonuses. To get them, deposit your account with at least $5. The bonuses are divided into three periods. The maximum bonus amount in the 1st period is $50, in the 2nd - $150, and in the 3rd - $200. To obtain the money, you should wager at least 15 times the bonus amount with ordinary bets with odds of 1.75 or higher.
  • Bet & Get a Freebet. Get a $20 free bet by betting on hockey and basketball with odds of 1.75 and more for a total amount of bets of $50.

Simple Guide to Place Bets on Sports at GG Bet

Step 1. Register and Make Your First Deposit

Click on “Sign up”. Then type in your email or phone number and password in the newly-opened window. Choose your account currency, agree to the terms and conditions, and complete the procedure. Next, click on “Deposit” to top your account using one of the offered payment methods.

Step 2. Choose a Sport Discipline and the Match You are Interested In

Pick out the sports discipline on the left side of the homepage screen. After this, you’ll see a list of matches available. Pick out the one you’d like to bet.

Step 3. Make Your Prediction and Determine the Match Outcome

Select the market and the odds you hope to be winning to transmit them to the betting slip.

Step 4. Make a Bet and Wait for the End of the Event

Type in the sum you’d like to bet on and wait for the event to finish.